Out of my mind

Melody has a new computer called a medi-talker especially designed for people like her. Melody can do so much more now she can download songs, talk to the extent that she gets in trouble at school. She can say complete phrases that make sense for the first time. When her parents came home she typed into the computer “i love you mum, i love you dad” (the machine then speaks what she types) her mum got all emotional and started crying. When Melody took it into class everyone was amazed at what she could say. Although Melody cant move her hands fast enough the computer has a video game that thew boy in the class who likes video games was interested in. Rose who is a normal girl and Melody’s friend says. “this is so awesome melody”.

Out of My Mind

Hi everyone,

our class is participating in the global read aloud which is a program which was started by an american teacher and global read aloud now has many classes participating in America, Canada and Australia. For global read aloud our class is reading *Out of my mind* along with lots of other schools in America and Canada. Out of my mind is about a girl called Melody who is disabled because she is diagnosed with  cerebral  palsy caused by lack of oxygen at birth. This book is written in first person from Melody’s point of view. Melody can listen, see, taste, smell, and she can touch things if they are put close to her but she cant move very much. Melody cant speak apart from loud sounds that make no sense for example Melody can say *b* and *ah* . Melody has a wheelchair and she is very absorbent in terms of words and experiences and TV ads etc. “words have always swirled around me like snowflakes”,”I drank them like lemonade”. She remembers everything TV ads, Words, experiences. I would really recommend reading this book.

How to make a mash-up

First of all I would to mention that Millie in my class should take huge credit for this because she was the one who showed me how to do it through her passion project that she presented at school. First download audacity. Then you find a royalty free music website such as soundowl.com. Download some music that you want in your mash up through your website. Then insert them into audacity and play around with the tone and the sound etc. or cut and move the songs around. Save your mash up and add it to a video or just leave it as a song. There you have a mashup

Sherbet Flavoured Lipgloss

Recently I invited my friend over. We decided we wanted to make lipgloss. Before she came over I had researched lipgloss recipes but they were all so complicated and you had to melt wax add oils etc. Then we went shopping for ingredients and came up with this brilliant idea of combining Vaseline/petroleum jelly with sherbet and coconut flavouring. Coconut oil is rare and expensive so a really cheap substitute is the coconut flavouring essence in the cake aisle in Woolworth’s is a much better option or the rose water. Once you have bought sherbet powder,Vaseline & coconut essence.
What would your favourite lipgloss flavour be? Also if you want me to try and come up with an easy diy lipgloss in you favourite flavour just comment below on the flavour.

Fashion Designing

Hi everyone,
Recently I went to a material shop to buy fabrics. I am working on making 2 or 3 whole outfits. I am going to sew 3 t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of pajama shorts and a grey sweatshirt. I have already sewn a leopard-print t-shirt that is made of that stretchy smooth material. I am working on the other outfits.
What would your dream outfit be?

Harry Potter

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. It is such a great book. I am up to about page 30-40.I love everything to do with Harry Potter and this is currently my favorite book. I would really recommend Harry Potter. It is the best fiction book I have ever read.

Palm oil

This term we are studying the topic, Can i make a difference? In this term we are to come up with a project that in a way helps the environment or makes a difference to the environment. I have decided to do a project based on the usage of palm oil products. I am going to attempt writing a letter to my local Woolworths outlining my concerns about palm oil and how they stock so many products containing palm oil. Why is palm oil bad? Well because it contributes to rainforest loss.  You see a lot of rainforest is cleared for the purpose of palm oil plantations. Because palm oil is cheap and easy to grow it is a popular oil used in things like dove soap, shapes, chips,biscuits, shampoos, body products and cosmetics. My aim is to receive a reply from Woolworths, lessen the usage of palm oil products and maybe get permission to put up signs in Woolworths on how to shop carefully. Sometimes the labels on products do not tell the full truth, for example a lot of palm oil products do not clearly state that they contain palm oil.
If you are concerned about palm oil and how rainforest animals and plants are becoming extinct because people like biscuits etc like me. Then here is a website you can look at for more information on what not to buy and what contains palm oil. http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/palm-oil.php

Cupcake flavours

I have so many favourite flavours of cupcakes. I love chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rose, cream filled, mocha, butter cream, fruit filled & pretty cupcakes. What is your favourite flavour?

For all those cupcake lovers, here is a link to awesome cupcake recipie website  http://bakeitinacake.com/

:) My brilliant first day in the U.S.A

I woke up this morning and looked at my clock. It was 6:00! I found out that it was because people staying in our hotel got a free “hour early pass” to Disneyland. So we got up and walked into Disneyland. Because there were no big queue’s we went on the most poular rides. I hopped in the ride called Matterhorn BombSleds as the people who were supervising the rides pressed the “start” button. It was like a big cave with parcial pitch blackness. Second ride was the Alice in Wonderland ride. As you went through in the “car” there were lots of magical things happening while a voice was telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. 3rd was the toad ride the scenery was ment to look like a library and it did, we were in little carriages that spun around. 5th was the pirates of the Carribeen which had a creepy voice telling you that you were cursed and then lots of fake skeletons with pirates clothes on tried to shoot you with a plastic gun. The next 2 were splash mountain which was a water roller coaster.the 8th ride was “its a small world” which had lots of fake children playing instruments to the song and there was picturesque background scenery. Last ride was the warehouse which had lots of “chemicals” and Disney characters. Then we had lunch (hotdogs).

We walked back to our hotel and on the way I bought a mad hatter hat which was black with pink stripes and a ribbon. I also bought some swimmers which were ment to be $45 but they were $13 because it was on sale.

Now I am resting in bed so I can stay up late and watch the fireworks in Disneyland.

Guess where I am going this holidays.

Hey Guys,

This holidays on September 22nd I am going to America on a 14 hour plane trip but we are going to New Zeland in between because we have to catch 2 planes to get there. If you are bord in the  holidays you can visit my other blog (http://disneylandparadise.edublogs.org) for my journal entries and I will post pictures on this one. We are staying in a hotel near Disneyland for 4 days and we are going into Disneyland ofcourse, then we are going to Oregan to see our American friends, thirdly we are going to New York city for 4 days.

How to put an adorable (animal)pet on your blog

  •      1st :visit the following ( blue)link Bunny hero labs adoption center 
  •      2nd: follow the instructions to make your own pet.
  •       3rd: click on the choice “other sites”, copy code.
  •       4th: on the side bar of choices in your blog, choose appearance and then widgets.
  •       5th: drag text into one of the sidebars.
  •       6th: click on the header and paste the text into that box.
  •       7th: click save and look at it!