Out of My Mind

Hi everyone,

our class is participating in the global read aloud which is a program which was started by an american teacher and global read aloud now has many classes participating in America, Canada and Australia. For global read aloud our class is reading *Out of my mind* along with lots of other schools in America and Canada. Out of my mind is about a girl called Melody who is disabled because she is diagnosed with ┬ácerebral ┬ápalsy caused by lack of oxygen at birth. This book is written in first person from Melody’s point of view. Melody can listen, see, taste, smell, and she can touch things if they are put close to her but she cant move very much. Melody cant speak apart from loud sounds that make no sense for example Melody can say *b* and *ah* . Melody has a wheelchair and she is very absorbent in terms of words and experiences and TV ads etc. “words have always swirled around me like snowflakes”,”I drank them like lemonade”. She remembers everything TV ads, Words, experiences. I would really recommend reading this book.

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